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With a strong knowledge of the field, AT's companies offer high standard services to all stakeholders of the audiovisual sector.

Aski-da, Stations Services, lapins bleus formation, Woody Technologies - and now Luxiris - have been working closely in a 15 years story.

Together, we offer our clients a complete range of services: professional training, user support and production system maintenance, consulting, engineering, software design and development.

Our wide experience within tv broadcasters, our skills and our involvement are precious assets for our clients inside newsrooms, technical support and engineering departments

Our ability to adapt, our technological curiosity, the imperative of a job welle done and our sense of customer service naturally led us to combine these complementary skills.

Responsive to your needs, Aski-da Taldea team is offering you customized services up to your expectations

The team

Our team is made of specialists with original profiles, mixing high level technical skills, teaching abilities, availability, good listening skills and friendliness.

Project managers

Autonomy and methodology

They take over assignments within the clients' engineering departments or through consulting.

They have the ability to understand, analyse and anticipate to lead simple or complex technical projects. They are able to manage internal and external partners, taking in consideration both human, technical and financial environment or constraints to make your projects successes.


Imagination and architecture

Field experience feeds our developers with new ideas in conceiving the best solutions for media processing. Their knowledge of the production workflows, their likeness to innovation are the core of their tehcnical approach. They decode the needs to code the best softwares…


Pedagogy and expertise

A team of 80 instructors, composed of active professionnals, teaches sessions on audiovisual tools and jobs, dedicated to the professionals of audiovisual sector.

Working inside tv channels or in the post production made them experts in their areas. Their experience helps us to constantly update our training content and create new programs.

Skilled technicians

Adaptability and responsiveness
Strenghtening your maintenance and support teams, our tehcnicians adapt to your workflows and your work habits.They help assuring the continuity of your broadcasting and production systems. They prioritize their action and take into account the rythm of news production.

Rescue team

Coaching and availability

Inside the newsrooms, the rescue teams offer the journalists an assistance on their production tools.

Their perfect knowledge of the editing softwares, NRCS, and process line is strengthened by their understanding of the different jobs (journalists, editors) and their constraints.

They are the link between the newsroom and the support team.


Listening and supervising

At the headquarters, an operating team is working on setting up and supervising services matching our customers' demands. Close to the field, they focus on the service quality and on communication between the customers and our on-site team.


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Ensuring the continuity of service

Aski-da technicians are mainly working within tv broadcaster technical support teams.

They daily take up/over levels 1 and 2 support tasks and ongoing maintenance on production systems.

This perfect knowledge of workflows also allows Aski-da to conduct engineering projects for our customers.


Smooth transition through technological evolution

Our training center is specialized in the audiovisual sector. Our catalogue offers 50 courses that cover all the steps of TV and movie production, from shooting, editing and colormastering to the final distribution.

Following your business needs, these programs can be adjusted or entirely customized to fit your special demands.

Our training courses are availaible to all employees from any sector as well as to freelance artists and authors.

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Along with the journalists

Stations Services operates inside the newsrooms by assisting the journalists in the use of their production tools.

Our main assignments are solving technical issues, advising journalists on creating stories and ensuring that the workflows are properly followed.

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Creating intuitive and innovative solutions

Our field experience gives Woody Technologies softwares the right features which match our customers' expectations, optimizes and simplifies the media processing workflows.

Definitely user-oriented, these tools are efficient AND intuitive and can be used by journalists as well as technical operators.


Broadcast graphics: game on!

Thanks to our broadcast graphics expertise combined with our video game technologies knowledge, we're able to assist our clients with their creative goals, as well as their newsroom and technical requirements.

At Luxiris, we offer advice on technical choices, help our clients find the best way to integrate graphics with their production tools and workflows, and support their team throughout the project.

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Tous nos meilleurs vœux

Les équipes des entités du groupe, Aski-da, lapins bleus formation, Woody Technologies et Luxiris remercient leurs partenaires et clients pour leur confiance qui a permis la réalisation de nombreux projets.

Linkedin satis

Aski-da Taldea s'expose au Satis

Les équipes du groupe accueillerons les visiteurs du Satis et, notamment, les jeunes diplômés et débutants dans le secteur pour leur exposer les postes à pourvoir et les parcours professionnels potentiels qu'offre Aski-da Taldea.

Prisme luxiris

Aski-da Taldea crée Luxiris

Nicolas Gautron, président du groupe Aski-da Taldea annonce la création d'une nouvelle entité dédiée aux projets graphiques des chaînes de télévision : habillage antenne, création de décors et d'environnements virtuels.

« En ce début d'année 2019, je suis fier d'annoncer la création de Luxiris. Cette nouvelle société est le résultat de ce qui est pour moi l'ADN du groupe Aski-da Taldea : la curiosité, la haute technicité et la synergie. »

Pour lire le communiqué complet.

Perf etalo

Perfectionnement au métier d'étalonneur - la nouvelle formation lapins bleus formation

Aurélie Laumont, étalonneuse et formatrice, et Jérôme Krumenacker, chef opérateur, échangent sur le duo nécessaire et créatif pour le travail de l'image d'un film entre l'étalonneur et le chef opérateur.

Un avant-goût des discussions qui auront lieu avec les stagiaires de la nouvelle formation Perfectionnement au métier d'étalonneur.

Camera arri alexa


Cette nouvelle caméra grand format, sortie il y a quelques mois, sera présentée aux stagiaires de la prochaine formation certifiante sur les caméras ARRI créée par lapins bleus formation.

Lisez l'entretien que nous a accordé Natasza Chroscicki, Managing Director d'ARRI France.

Avid askida

Aski-da Taldea consolidates Avid partenership

lapins bleus formation joins Avid Learning Partner Program and become the training center in France for technicals training.

Woody Technologies joins, le programme Avid Alliance Partner and introduces Woody in2it app for Avid MediaCentral.

Press Release - Woody Technologies / Avid Alliance Partner

Askida so

Woody Social, a new app release at IBC 2017

After a preview at NAB Show in April 2017, Woody Technologies announces the official release of Woody Social at IBC Show, the ultimate tool to allow broadcasters to connect social networks with production environments.

Press Release - Woody Technologies releases Woody Social.

Discover Woody Social in video.

Avid learning partner

lapins bleus formation : centre technique Avid Learning Partner

lapins bleus formation rejoint le programme Avid Learning Partner et devient le centre de formation technique pour Nexis, Isis et Interplay en France et dans les pays francophones.

Pour découvrir les formations dispensées et nos formateurs Avid Certified Instructor.